Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Before and Habits

Soooooooooo, basically I thought that I should provide even more of an incentive to my fitness/weight loss 'journey' (jeez, I hate myself for writing that). But still, it's a journey, or path of enlightenment as I prefer (but not really), or people of 'I used to be fat' prefer. But essentially it is a goal which is important to me and so its important that I give it as much effort as possible. It's also important that I force myself to give myself every possible chance. Since it's way too easy to give up and just eat pizza or fried chicken, I've decided to embarrass myself prematurely. I'm putting a picture up of what I'm unhappy with, which I'm pretty damn sure will not only incentivise me but give me something to hate while I take out aggression during exercise. I don't mean I'll be staring at my blog while I run or do squats or even a picture of myself, that'd be weird and kinda vain, but pretty funny. I do recommend that though. If me being fat makes you angry like it does with me, then please feel free to use my bloated stomach to propel your workouts and healthy eating. I'll supplement with some measurements, just so there's something to compare against in a year or so.

So far, I've been sticking to some very good habits, converted from bad habits that I had been very used to. For example not only do I loveeee bread with every fibre of my body (especially my tongue fibres and stomach fibres) but I also love crisps! Crisps are so nice and greasy and crunchy and tasty and moreish and delicious and, and I really like them. But like with most foods that I love, they're not recommended as part of a well balanced diet. Not many things in excess are recommended as part of a varied and healthy diet. I suppose the 'varied' bit negates the 'in excess' bit especially crisps (or cheese and onion crisps) which are full of fat and saturated fat as well as salt. Therefore I've pretty much stopped eating them, mainly because I retain little will power to stop eating myself into a crisp coma. There's one bad habit down, for now. Another thing I love is sugary cereal, but not only for breakfast, oh no no no. I much prefer to eat the popular breakfast item before bed, and that means at least 3 bowls of coco pops or crunchy nut before I fall headfirst into dreamland. Yes I'm a greedy pig when it comes to cereal, but generally 1 bowl of cereal won't satisfy my carb needs. So not only am I throwing bowls of carbs into my body without need, but I was eating before bed which is supposedly worse?? Okay then, so actually after trying to be professional about my research to an extent and not just making things up. I've found that there might not be anything bad with eating before bed, if its relatively healthy foods like fruit. However that's not what I was doing was it! Apparently eating fatty or spicy foods before bed and reduce the quality and length of sleep as well as decrease the rate at which your stomach empties. Snacks before bed are now thought to provide a number of benefits. Some believe that it stablizes your blood sugars, by preventing them from crashing during the night, which something that is pretty important to me considering the diabetes thing. Snacks before bed also improve the quality of sleep apparently, which kinda makes sense since when I eat late or a lot I get groggy and sleepy. The snack will also improve your metabolism and provide your body with calories while your body works during the night.

Currently fighting the urge for 3 bowls of coco pops 
Well I'm wasn't expecting it but I learned quite a lot today. Snack before sleep, but not coco pops. Pretty useful I think.

That was a huge tangent but what I was going to say was that I've provided some measurements to compare to next year as well as a picture. I hope you enjoy (Dinesh) but not really as I hope you're fitter next year. Then I can provide a fitting ( I know right, good pun) before and after picture of when I was blubbery compared with being fitter or more likely blubbery to more blubbery.

My main measurements are:
Weight: 70 kg
Waist: 38 inches
Chest: 36 inches
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (I know this won't change, buts its important for BMI)
BMI: 24.1
Butt size: Sexy ;) Psych - just weird looking
That's me and my belly, and my breasts (B-cup I think).
Basically I look like sausage meat bursting out of its casing.
Oh well, you can laugh if you want. I know I'll be crying inside...

Thanks for reading!

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