Saturday, 7 November 2015

Diet and Diabetes

Sooooooo, I think like with any body image change or lifestyle change in fact, that diet or rather food is one of the chief players in the process. I'd rather say just food than diet because the word diet will, often for many, bring up horrible flashbacks of mood swinging and weight swinging months that would prefer to remain forgotten. Diet is an intriguing word since its something we all associate with weight loss, but only for a certain time limit. Like for example when someone says diet, no one really thinks oh so you're never going to eat pizza again? Obviously not.... I'd prefer to eat pizza everyday actually. So like I suggest, its often a short time and to lose a small amount or sometimes medium amount of excess weight. Lets say an average diet target is 3-6 months or so, which even to me sounds like a pretty darn long time. It is often 6 months of mild torture, for which meal time is not a time of enjoyment but instead a time for plain nutrition to enable sustenance via the shovelling of naturally green things into stomachs. So I'd rather make some small changes in my lifestyle and attempt to utilise the tiny amount of will power I have left to prevent myself from eating pizza or smearing chocolate all over my face every day (just smearing, not eating).
When you see really obese people on weight loss tv shows, for someone to lose that amount of weight they need to stick to strict rules of healthy eating, which even most admit can be extreme. Restricting calories from 15000 to 1500 is obviously going to have some effect. However although these techniques are extreme and for a short period a lot of these habits often stick and are important to stave off the flab. I might just treat my life like a reallly long, slow and overstretched version of one of these shows. But with slightly less crying. Some crying obviously, what kind of show would that be, just less of it.

This week I've attempted to get a decent start on some good habits. After coming home from an independent life during university, to my parents home (I know, and yes it's painful), I've fallen into some bad habits. Basically it was like discovering food again, which sounds good, and it was! But it was also a slippery road to flab-city (flab flab city sitch). The food was sensational, from my perspective anyway. Any mothers cooking can't be beaten I'm sure. But a lot of the reasons the food was so good was because of how bad it was for me. Lots of butter and lots of carbs with not much room for vegetables. Now that's good for a while but then you notice there's not a lot of weight being moved off with this technique. This is coupled with a dramatic decrease in fitness. With this in mind I decided to cook for myself on the whole and refuse much of the tempting home cooking available. This way I could use my best judgment to eat healthily without sacrificing too much flavour.

Over the last week or so I've been concentrating on bettering my diet, which means eating more fruits and vegetables throughout the day, drinking more water and eating less processed food in general. I've been doing pretty well if I do say so myself and I've been eating lots of fruit to stop me from eating unhealthy stuff like crisps and sweets. I feel like eating fruits throughout the day gives me some proper nutrition instead of empty calories that crisps etc provide. Moreover, I think a lot more about what I eat and make sure there's some sort of vegetable with a grilled or basically non-deep fried meat. Something I've really fallen in love with is roasting vegetables... soooooo gooooood!!! I just grab a few random vegetables, which is great if you've got some leftover vegetables lying around, and throw them in an oiled roasting tin and season well with herbs, salt and sometimes chilli powder or paprika. So good for getting vegetables into your diet, since I was able to put at least 6 in at one time. The best vegetables I have to say though are the sweet potatoes. Man those things are good!! The crispy seasoned skin is so crunchy it just pops in your mouth. While the soft, smooth orange flesh just melts.

Roasted Vegetables yo! Goes with so many things! Throw some carrots, leeks, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and red onions and leave to roast! (Mouth watering emoticon)
I actually can't tell if this looks good or not but it was damnnnnn nooiice!
There have been a number of benefits to this regime so far. For example sometimes I don't even need to inject insulin because I haven't actually included any carbohydrates in the meal. This is good because no needles right! Therefore no lipohyertrophy either. Also I might have lost some flabs already! Buut that might be due to me being ill for a week and not eating so well. There are some problems though, like for example, I feel hungry a lot and there's only so much fruit I want to consume without chowing down on some chocolate or fried potatoe snack (Like crisps, I'm aware I've said it quite a few times so I changed the wording to crisps sound loads more interesting). Well it's an ongoing habit I need to drill into my head I suppose. Let's hope it sticks sooner rather than later. Hopefully next week I'll have some more interesting food to rub in your face.... Anjali.
Swings and roundabouts anyway.

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