Monday, 4 August 2014

Making Progress

It seems that after about 6 years of being consistently pitiful at controlling my blood glucose levels, I've made some progress. Where I would usually, every three months, receive a guilt infused letter stating that my HbA1c was 9.3% or above (=bad), I instead received a comprehensive health review of the last three months. Not only did it state that my average blood glucose levels were decreasing (HbA1c) but it also mentioned that my eGFR levels (of which I've never been tested for before) are healthy meaning my kidneys are filtering away nicely as well as a decrease in cholesterol which previously to my knowledge had been about 7.0 mmol/l. I was so much more happy than I had anticipated, but I don't know why, maybe it was because the extra effort and care I was taking to test and give the correct insulin rather than guess was paying off. It could have been the good mood I was in, or the heroin I injected with my insulin that day. More likely though it was the ecstasy I took an hour before opening the letter…. (Joke, I don't use recreational drugs). 
On a very slightly more serious note though, I owe this good result (or improvement) to the DAFNE (or Daily adjustment For Normal Eating) course in England which essentially teaches diabetics to count carbohydrates religiously and more importantly decipher an insulin to carbohydrate ratio. This tinkering with ratios can take some time but for evidence of its worth, please look no further … apart from a bit lower on this page. 

With this result in mind, I feel like it's the ideal time to start focussing on my health and more specifically on my body image which i've not been a great fan of for some time. Now that i'm quite literally not peeing my calories away (a consequence of high blood glucose for anyone who didn't know), it feels like a good time to get a bit stronger and hopefully leaner. 
I've tried before but never really had the discipline to track my blood sugar and workouts together, also I don't think i've been training very consistently, just following general broscience rules like chest day every monday and terrible dude stuff like that. Now that I've got the patience to wait for the aesthetics its probably a good idea to build a good base so I'm doing a basic strength building program. 

Internet, wish me luck!

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